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Sentential Negation Across the Globe

The fine-grained structure of a linguistic universal

The present project investigates how sentential negative markers (SNs) can be conditioned by tense, aspect, or mood/modality (TAM) and how SNs can also condition TAM. The participants of the project are Karen De Clercq (project coordinator), Lucie Janků (postdoc) and Aleksandr Sergienko (PhD student). The project is funded by the ANR (ANR-22-CE28-0006 SNAG) .

The work is divided in 2 phases. Phase 1 is a typological study of the allomorphy patterns that arise in the interaction between negation and TAM, starting from Miestamo's (2005) restricted sample of 179 languages. Phase 2 focuses on a smaller sample to allow for a more fine-grained Nanosyntactic analysis.

A short version of the project proposal is available here.

SNAG workshop

We are organizing a workshop in September 2024. Please check out the call for papers!